Inspiration Event 25/9: Keynote Ynzo van Zanten

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KEYNOTE “Building a culture of happiness”

by Ynzo van Zanten, Choco Evangelist of Tony’s Chocolonely

About Ynzo’s keynote:

Tony’s Chocolonely isn’t your average chocolate company, but a chocolate company with a huge mission; to end modern slavery and exploitation in the cocoa industry. With amazing chocolate recipes they set the example and show that chocolate can be made in a more responsible way; in taste, packaging and the way they build long term relationships with cocoa farmers and the way they handle an open and transparent value chain.

Ynzo van Zanten, Tony’s ‘Choco Evangelist’ will tell the story of Tony’s roadmap towards 100% slave free chocolate worldwide and how everyone can join this movement. At Tony’s, the team is on top of the list. Because only with the most engaged and committed colleagues, they can reach their mission. Ynzo will talk about how the team works together within Tony’s, and how the company culture revolves around happiness.

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Ynzo van Zanten about his keynote at the Online Inspiration Event on Sept 25th

About the Happy Company Culture at Tony’s

What makes the culture at Tony’s so special? What’s their secret recipe? They are on a mission and they have an outspoken – and happy – company culture: “You’re a Tony when you’re critical, outspoken, willful and you do things in a way that makes us all smile. By being open and accessible and having a positive attitude. By always finding a creative solution for problems and pushing the limits together for the best result.”

They are also a great example to show how creating a happy culture is a combination of a strong foundation and small initiatives: “We pay attention to small things. A little love and attention, that’s the recipe for everything. We bake pie for each other’s birthdays, send ‘happy boxes’ to new Tony’s filled with chocolate and everything you need to know about Tony’s. We celebrate with ‘a happy new bookyear’ together by eating Dutch ‘oliebollen’ (a traditional fried snack, which is eaten in Holland on New Year’s Eve), we listen to ABBA and take a minute to remember the milestones we’ve reached in the past year. And last but not least, from the mailman to a coincidental passerby that came to ask for directions: nobody leaves the building without chocolate.”  

Being purpose driven 

Financial success is a means to reach the goal. Tony’s Chocolonely’s purpose is not to make their chocolate slave free, but to make the whole industry slave free. Financial success is just a means to reach the goal. During their onboarding new hires take a deep dive into Tony’s Time. To learn all about this purpose. The onboarding process, their appearance, what they convey, everything they do should matches their purpose.

Ynzo van Zanten: “We are crazy about chocolate, but we are serious about people. We are serious about the farmers, our employees and consumers. We don’t do satisfaction surveys. We just ask our employees: How happy are you? Not just at work but all about you? How can we help you to become happier? And as for our customers. The whole Tony’s team will pick up the phone, we will never annoy you with a dial 1 for … message. ;-)’’

About Ynzo van Zanten

Ynzo van Zanten is a public speaker, author and teacher. He was responsible for the launch of the successful brand ‘innocent drinks’ on the European continent. Ynzo van Zanten initiated the minor programme ‘Sustainable Leadership & Entrepreneurship’ at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, is a (guest)lecturer at the UvA and the TU Delft and is a member of the board of ‘10.000 Hours’ Stichting ‘Plastic en Whale’.

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